OPP now involved with cemetery vandalism – town will be installing surveillance equipment

Following yet another round of vandalism at the Espanola Cemetery, both the Manitoulin OPP and the town administration are getting involved.

Over the last couple of months, The Moose has reported acts of vandalism at the cemetery.

Several residents contacted the radio yesterday morning to report more destruction. 

Following contact with the town, Town Clerk Joseph Burke says the matter has been reported to Manitoulin OPP for further investigation and Public Works is cleaning up the site as much as they can

He also states the recent vandalism at the cemetery has been incredibly disappointing and sad to see. He adds the town is installing a surveillance system to assist the police in identifying perpetrators. 

Burke also encourages the public to contact either the town office or OPP if they have any information about the incidents.

Any questions or concerns on this matter can be addressed to the Clerk’s Office by calling 705-869-1540 or emailing town@espanola.ca

Photo: The Town of Espanola and Manitoulin OPP are taking action to fight repeated vandalism at the Espanola Cemetery. Cameras and increased patrols are two of the tactics to stop the damage. Photo provided through FB by Rita Sloss Forgrave and used with permission.

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