Pinecone Academy erects yurt in time for Halloween celebrations

Massey’s newest child-oriented educational facility is now open with a yurt in place.

Kendra Rogers and Stacie Minten have been hard at work since Spring to open Pinecone Academy with the erection of the yurt, the central focus of the schools’ activities.

Rogers says the yurt will be used mainly during inclement weather and took about two days and some 25 volunteers to erect just over a week ago.

Minton adds the first event was a Harry Potter Halloween Party last Saturday, but the yurt will be used for a wide range of environmentally-based programs geared to 10 pre-Kindergarten to six-year-old students. 

Tradition and history played a big role in erecting the yurt, explains Minton.

“For example, the tonoo is a circular dome that represents the universe. The dome is held by four central posts that symbolize masculine and feminine energy that is equally needed to support the universe while the blue in the canvas reflects the sky.
“Every piece of our space is an interconnected part of our community because it has taken a village to build,” adds Rogers. “Through donations of funds, time, toys, and supplies we have built not only a school but a place for all to gather and just be. We intend on growing the school, doing community space rentals, and hosting various events.


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