Prestige art show opens for online viewing

The Jessie Burnside Memorial Art Show and Sale is online and open.

The Massey Area Museum has this annual show now open online with 111 pieces of art on display by artists throughout the North and beyond.

Feature artist this year is Massey’s Jason Rainville who garners international attention as a professional digital artist focusing on fantasy, science fiction, and horror themes.

The public can view and buy artwork, delivery arrangements will be made, as well as vote on their favourites, all online.

Voting closes at 12 noon on September 5th.

If you paint, take photos, sculpt, or assemble and haven’t entered the show, the organizers hope that people will consider entering the 2022 show next year. People can reserve a spot by visiting the online art show and scrolling to the bottom.

To take in the show, click on the link:


PHOTO: Admiral Beckett Brass

In one of his most treasured pieces, Jason cast his mother Valerie Rainville as the model for the confident pirate Admiral. Created for Magic: The Gathering’s Pirate/Indigenous South American/Dinosaur setting “Ixalan”, this piece depicts Beckett taking a ship along with her loyal crew (modelled by her brother Curtis, daughter Jessica and the artist, Jason). Valerie had encouraged Jason all his life with his artistic endeavors, often referring back to a pirate ship he drew as a child that she felt showed promise. It was fitting that it came full circle with Jason’s depiction of her as the prominent pirate. After Valerie’s passing, it was a comfort to Jason to remember that she had seen the character and the story of her creation gain popularity in the Magic: the Gathering community; Valerie was sometimes asked for her autograph on the collectible cards, was asked to do a voice-over for the character, and even saw the character cosplayed. Head shot of Jason and art rendering provided by JR. Poster provided by Massey Area Museum.

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