Public input sought on making Blind River council smaller

It was a narrow margin, but the Town of Blind River council has voted to cut down the size of its members, but it is not a done deal since public input is now being sought on the recommendation.

Town clerk CAO Katie Scott made the recommendation to reduce the size of the council to save money.

She says a service delivery review in 2019 recommended finding cost savings through greater efficiencies and reducing the council to five members, the minimum allowed under the Municipal Act for a town with a population of 3,500 would save some $21,500.

The seven-member council costs taxpayers about $100,000 annually in honorariums, and benefits.

Council has decided to seek public input, but there is a clear deadline with members passing the bylaw by December in advance of the October 24th municipal election next year.

In a recorded vote, on doing the survey, councillors voted four to three, so now the work will be carried out to design the survey for public response.

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