Reality television became very real for an Espanola woman.

Kielyn Marrone of Espanola is taking part in the History channel’s  7th season of the extreme survival TV series, Alone, which premiered last night.
Marrone lives off the grid and loves the wild outdoors, so this reality television series seems tailor-made for her.
She says as the only Canadian contestant and one of only two women taking part, she loved the opportunity to put her skills to the test through an Arctic winter.
Marrone and her husband, Dave, own Lure the North where they work as winter wilderness expedition operators, so spending nearly 100 days near Great Slave Lake to win $1-million was a step up.
She had to build her own shelter, catch her own food, and overcome the harsh terrain and the intense cold while documenting her journey on camera.
You can watch the series at 7:00 pm on Thursdays, but she is not allowed to say who won, adding people will have to wait and see how it ends.

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