Refurbishment of Espanola pickleball courts best cost option

Espanola council had to decide whether to stay with leasing the existing site at the golf course or choose to build a new pickleball court on municipal property.

A service agreement is already in place between the town and the golf club.

The project carries a cost of $140,000 in municipal funding in addition to a $70,000 donation for the retrofits to the existing shared tennis and pickleball courts at the golf course.

Staff looked at various options including Sherwood Park and adjacent to the hospital on Queensway Avenue, but costs were higher ranging from $292,000 to $325,000 for a new build.

Public Works Director Joel Yusko says the town can give notice if they want to cancel the agreement.

Yusko says the town can cancel the agreement with written notice, so it can be reviewed whenever council wishes to do so.

With that information in hand, the council decided to go with the golf course as the least expensive option. 


PHOTO: Pickleball courts will be refurbished at the Espanola Golf & Country Club under a leasing agreement with the Town of Espanola. The cost of building on municipal property was prohibitive, so council has decided to take the economical route. Photo by Rosalind Russell


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