Six more confirmed cases in Sudbury

There are six more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Sudbury according to Public Health Sudbury & Districts.

Of the newly reported cases, three are due to close contact, one is outbreak related and the others remain under investigation.

All are self-isolating.

The agency adds they are aware of rumours about cases in the community, but Public Health reminds everyone of their commitment to protect the privacy of all cases and contacts.

The advisory states they rely on people trusting them with their personal information so that they can act quickly to stop the spread of the virus and only release individual-level data if there is a clear health protection need to do so.

These new cases bring the total of cases within the jurisdiction to 196.


A look at the numbers … models looks grim

The numbers are grim.

The latest provincial COVID-19 models predict we could have as many as 65-hundred new cases a day by mid-December, if no further restrictions are placed on movement or gatherings herein Ontario.

That blows past our current level….even though yesterday’s 15-hundred and 75 new diagnoses set another record high.

Doctor Adalsteinn Brown, who’s co-chair of Ontario’s COVID-19 science advisory group, says they expect at least five per cent of people tested will show a positive result.

That would exceed the rate found in European cities, when they decided to institute some form of lockdown.

Even if the infection rate is slowed to three per cent, we’ll still see 35-hundred new cases a day before Christmas.

The models show that, if the infection rate is at five per cent, or higher, the number of people being treated in intensive care could jump to more than 400.

That, according to the province, would be impossible to handle…..leading to the cancellation of surgeries and other non-emergency procedures.


Decision day for Ford

It was a grim reality check for Ontario and now we will find out what the province is going to do about it.

Modelling data showed if things aren’t brought in to check, we could see up to 65-hundred new cases of COVID-19 a day by mid-December.

On the heels of that news, Doug Ford says he will not hesitate to move into the next stage of lockdown.

Ford is meeting with his health table this morning and will make a decision if he will move parts or all of the province back into a lockdown.

That announcement is expected later this afternoon.


No motorcyclists wanted in Port Dover
Officials are hoping tens of thousands of bikers won’t descend on Port Dover today.  Typically, motorcyclists make the pilgrimage for the annual Friday the 13th festivities in the small southern Ontario town, but this year municipal and provincial officials are asking them to stay away.  They warn a large gathering could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases.  The gathering is not an official event so it can’t be cancelled but the municipality has denied permits to vendors and the OPP has sent out reminders about public gathering restrictions.

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