NSHN launches COVID-19 community outreach service
The COVID-19 Community Outreach Service has been launched by the North Shore Health Network under the umbrella of the Community Support Services.
Education & Safety Coordinator Melanie Kubatlija says the aim is to work with clients to determine the supports and/or services needed to help improve their overall health and living situation.
She says follow-up calls will confirm that they are receiving the supports they need to remain stable in their homes.
A wide range of assistance will be available from assistance for grocery, prescription or meal deliveries, health conditions, coping and their living situation as well as COVID-19 protocols.
Kubatlija says anyone from Echo Bay east to Spanish and including St. Joseph Island are eligible for the service.
Individuals who have been recently discharged from hospital are also encouraged to connect with the service. Referrals may be made through care coordinators with Home & Community Care, discharge planning team members, organizations or clinics who feel the service would benefit their patients, as well as self or family referrals.
To contact the service, call 705-356-2265 ext. 2657.


No new deaths in Ontario

Provincial health officials report no new deaths from COVID-19 in our province yesterday, for the first time since March 31st.

There were 154 new cases diagnosed, bringing the total so far to just under36-thousand.

But 87 per cent of those infected have recovered.

Premier Doug Ford says outbreaks among migrant farm workers in southwestern Ontario have now been brought under control, meaning the last two municipalities in the province can finally move onto Stage Two of the recovery plan as of today.


Is Stage Three around the corner?

Health Minister Christine Elliott says her department is actively considering a move into Stage Three of the recovery plan as soon as possible.

Elliott says her officials continue to study the number of COVID-19 cases developing in the province, and where they’re occurring.

She says that, so far, the reopening program has not set off any large spike in new infections.

But the minister can’t yet set a firm date.

Stage Three would see the reopening of all workplaces, and further easing of restrictions on public gatherings.

However, large-scale assemblies like concerts and sporting events will likely remain restricted for some time to come.


Numbers soaring south of the border

The number of infections continues to soar in the United States, with more than 2.9-million people infected, and over 130-thousand deaths.

At least 39 states are reporting rising numbers of infections, with 16 of them having set records so far this month.

Miami-Dade County has ordered an emergency rollback to indoor restaurant dining.

Texas registered an all-time high in the number of people hospitalized yesterday, with more than 500 new admissions.

The country’s top infectious disease expert, Doctor Anthony Fauci, says he’s deeply concerned at the trend the virus is taking in the U-S.



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