A look at the numbers

Provincial health officials are reporting the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in more than a week.

There were 112 new diagnoses announced yesterday, bringing the total to just over 36-thousand.

Almost 88 per cent of those who have contracted the virus have since recovered.

There were also two new deaths reported, increasing the toll to 26-hundred and 91.

Two-thirds of the province’s health regions reported no new cases at all.


Ending emergency legislation

The Ford government has introduced legislation that would allow it to extend some emergency pandemic orders for up to a year.

The bill would allow the government to end the state of emergency, first declared on March 17th, yet still have the tools to implement protection measures if the number of coronavirus cases begins to increase again.

The current state of emergency is set to end on July 15th.

Premier Doug Ford will introduce one more renewal today… until July 24th to cover the gap between the end of the emergency and the date the new measures would take effect.

The Premier says he may also consider legislation to make air conditioning mandatory in long-term care facilities, after hearing reports about residents whose rooms are sweltering.

Ford says operators of long-term care homes should spend a day in the hot rooms, to see how they like it.


Numbers south of the border

The number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to rise uncontrollably.

The state of Texas has set a dubious mark, surpassing ten-thousand new diagnoses in a single day.

Over the last seven days, the proportion of tests coming back positive in the state has soared to more than 13 per cent.

Figures show that 31 states are showing higher infection rates this week over last week … only four are trending downwards.

To date, there have been three-million cases of the coronavirus in the U-S, with more than 131-thousand deaths.


U.S. planning to withdraw from W.H.O.

The United States has officially informed the World Health Organization that it will be withdrawing from the global health organization in one year.

The move follows heavy criticism from President Donald Trump, who’s accused the organization of withholding evidence about the coronavirus, and of being too close to China.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is promising to reverse the move if he’s elected in November.

Democrats are also questioning whether the withdrawal can proceed without Congressional approval.


Politicians not wearing masks called to the carpet

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is apologizing, after being caught in a photo without a mask at Toronto’s Pearson Airport yesterday.

Pallister says he lowered his mask to talk to companions in an airport waiting room, an error he’s promised not to repeat.

Pallister was travelling with federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who was also not wearing a mask.

Scheer’s office insists he only took his mask off to make a phone call… the photo must have been taken before he had a chance to put it back on.

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