A look at the local numbers

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is reporting 23 new cases of COVID-19, 20 in Greater Sudbury and three in the Sudbury District.

Considering resolved cases, there are now 206 active cases in the agency’s jurisdiction.

Health Sciences North is reporting they have 26 admitted patients, 19 who have tested positive and the other seven waiting for results.

Of the 26, six individuals are in intensive care.

Algoma Public Health is reporting three new cases of COVID-19, two from Sault Ste. Marie and area, and one from Central & East Algoma.
Considering resolved cases, there are now 44 active cases in the Algoma District with one individual in hospital.


Even tighter restrictions

We’re likely to be subject to even tighter restrictions, as the number of COVID-19 cases reaches record highs.

Doug Ford and his cabinet met yesterday to consider new measures, after more than 47-hundred new diagnoses were reported, along with 644 patients in intensive care, a ten per cent jump in just one day.

Reports say the measures being considered include the shut-down of curbside and delivery services for non-essential retailers, an end to all but critical construction work, travel restrictions, more powers for police, and higher fines for violators.

However, a curfew has apparently been ruled out due to the problems enforcing it.

An announcement will come later today.


Projections expected today

The latest modelling data shows current restrictions on our movement and assembly aren’t helping to bring down the coronavirus numbers.

The projections, to be released later today, shows that we could see 18-thousand new cases of COVID-19 a day by the end of May, unless stronger measures are put in place.

The data also shows we could have 18-hundred people in intensive care, three times the current level.

Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health, Doctor Barbara Yaffe calls the latest figures “alarming,” adding our province is in a dire situation.


Olympics on the edge

A fourth wave of COVID-19 infections in Japan has forced the government to increase its restrictions, and that threatens to derail the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Almost two-thirds of Japanese say the Olympics should be cancelled or postponed.

Government and Olympic leaders say another postponement would be impossible, the only option would be cancellation.

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