The Robinson-Huron Treaty Court Case Closing Arguments Have Begun.

On Sunday, June 3rd, Judge Patricia Hennessey, legal counsels and chiefs were invited to take part in a sweat lodge ceremony, sacred fire and feast at Atikameksheng Anishinaabek First Nation, the day before the court proceedings were to move ahead with closing arguments.
Last year, 21 Anishinaabek communities under the Robinson Huron Treaty took the Ontario and Canadian government to court over the Crown’s failure to implement the terms of the 1850 treaty.
At issue is that beneficiaries have received no increase to the four-dollar annuity since 1874.
Closing arguments have begun and are being held at the Sudbury’s Radisson Hotel.
The treaty territory includes about 35,700 square miles of land on the northern shores of Lake Huron including all the First Nations along the North Shore corridor and Manitoulin Island.
Dean Sayers is the RHT annuities case spokesperson and Batchewana First Nation Chief. He hopes to see the treaty augmentation clause modernized.
“I’m looking forward to hearing the chronological summary, all the way up to where we are today. It may not be the prettiest story, but it is the truth about how we came to where we are.” said Sayers.
David Nahwegahbow is the RHT lawyer.
“A major part of this case is about resurgence of Anishinaabe law, Anishinaabe culture, and Anishinaabe people. We want to make sure that Anishinaabe law is well recognized, that the court hears the important historical context of the time and that the court understands what Anishinaabe law is.” said Nahwegahbow.
The case is precedent setting because it is the first time a court case is being heard on both the merits of Canadian and Anishinaabe Law, which has historically leaned heavily towards the Canadian side.
Remaining closing hearing dates of phase 1 are: June 4- 8; June 14 – 15 and June 18 – 22.
A ruling is expected in the coming months and if a settlement is not reached, the process will enter phase two in the spring of 2019.

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