This week’s tip: Give up your bottled body washes for bar soap!

Welcome to Local Hippie’s weekly tip for living a greener life! Each week we will provide you with a quick tip to help you reduce your carbon footprint and change the world.

This week’s tip: Give up your bottled body washes for bar soap!

The next time you visit the grocery store, I urge you to stop for a moment and take a look down the bath and beauty aisles. Look past the pretty labels and beauty claims to see hundreds of plastic bottles that will likely end up in the landfill or ocean.

How do I know this? A recent study has shown that only 9% of the world’s plastics TRULY end up being recycled. The rest ends up in landfills or apart of the 8 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in the ocean EACH YEAR.

Our plastic bottles of soap are no exception! But luckily, I have a quick, easy, and affordable solution.

Switch out your bottles of body wash for bar soap! Not only can you buy them free of plastic packaging, they are often more affordable than bottled body washes. Bar soap can come in many fun scents and colours and I promise you’ll still feel squeaky clean!

Have questions? Feel free to forward them to or find me at the Espanola Farmers’ Market.
Have a happy hippie week!

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