Town of Espanola going to court for alleged breaches by councillor

Voting down sanctions against an Espanola councillor will now be going to court.

Espanola’s Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze says Councillor Maureen Van Alstine has allegedly contravened two sections of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when she voted on two motions voting down sanctions against her related to previous complaints.

Swayze says she was well within her rights to take part in the discussion of the matter but under no circumstances was she allowed to vote.

Van Alstine responded to Swayze stating she was in error for not declaring her interest and voting on each matter, but adds in her defence, she was very emotional and distraught on both occasions.

Swayze says Van Alstine clearly contravened the Act, so the matter must now go before the courts.

He adds he will be making an application to a judge under the act for a determination that she contravened a section of the statute and it will be up to the court to impose any sanction depending on the outcome.

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