Vaccines arrive in local area for senior facilities

Residents of two local senior care facilities have received the Moderna vaccine.

Residents of the Manitoulin Lodge in Gore Bay and Espanola Nursing Home received the vaccine over the last two days.

President of the Manitoulin Lodge’s Resident Council, Howie Lauber was honoured to be the first resident to receive his vaccine saying, “I was happy to receive the shot.”

He says “hopefully, this will be the beginning of relaxing the visitor restrictions and we will be able to get out and visit again.”

Espanola’s first resident to receive the vaccine is Dave Van Allen, who was also honoured.

“A mass resident vaccination plan has been implemented and we were ready to get this vaccine into arms,” says Director of Care, Paula Mitroff

On-site to oversee the plan was Kate Denomme Public Health RN, Paula Mitroff, Director of Care, Bonnie MacKinnon, Assistant Director of Care, Dr. B. McMullen, LTC Medical Director and several other support staff. Dr. McMullen stayed on-site to monitor the residents for any adverse reactions.

The entire process took approximately 3 hours and the 55 residents were excited and grateful for the vaccine.

“I think it’s a good idea and I hope it helps! We’ve been waiting a long time,” said Betty Fogal, Espanola Nursing Home resident.

The risk of COVID-19 outbreaks will be decreased among those who are at the greatest risk. Community members are asked to be patient and understanding as rollout plans and timing must be flexible to coincide with the availability of vaccine supply.


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