Vale strike continues

More than 2,500 striking mine, mill and smelter workers in Sudbury rejected Vale’s latest offer last week and a local MPP has been out talking to those workers.

Sudbury Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas says she has visited several strikers over the last week since the rejection of the last offer.

She says with 87 per cent of those who rejected the second offer last Monday, it is important to keep up the spirits of the workers on the picket lines and letting them know there is support for them.

She says the workers want to see their benefits protected and their standard of living protected.

The workers have been on the picket lines since rejecting the first offer on May 31 and Vale has suspended operations since then.

The stumbling block has been over proposed reduced benefits for newer employees.


PHOTOS: Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas has been visiting strikers on the picket lines over the last couple of weeks to lend her support to their cause. One of those visits includes Vale’s newest mine, Totten Mine just east of Nairn Centre. Photos provided by France Gelinas.

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