Virtual learning lambasted by teacher reps and trustees

The Rainbow District School board trustees and teachers’ representatives have lambasted permanent online learning and are committed to fight it every step of the way.

Last week, the Ontario government announced it is considering having online learning become a permanent part of the Education Act as part of the delivery of education in Ontario.

Secondary and elementary teacher federation reps, Eric Laberge and Liana Holm both stated nothing can replace in class learning when it comes to a well-rounded education for students citing a report from Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids that in-school learning is the ideal scenario for educating youth.

Both state that this move is an opportunity for the Ford government to follow through on plans to privatize education in Ontario.

Education Director Norm Blaseg says he has a copy of a document, Expanding Students Access to Online Learning that has not been released publicly by the Ford government but includes plans to implement permanent remote learning as of this September 2021.

He says some students would thrive, but more research is needed before such a move.

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