Who has been painting the rocks?


Travellers, walkers, tourists, and residents have found painted rocks throughout the North Shore corridor, but who painted them?

Several individuals have taken on different projects during the pandemic to send out positive messages and one of them is Roselyn Andress of McKerrow.

Andress says she has painted over 600 rocks in the last nine months to help cheer up people and let them know they are not alone.

She says even with winter on its way, she plans to continue her painting adding she is glad to have left her mark on 2020 in such an unusual way.

Andress adds painting the rocks has led her to try her hand at drawing and abstract art.

“It was strange to me, but it started off as an idea in my head and then I had to put it on paper. It is very relaxing and fun. It started out to relieve stress, but now it is a great way to share with the community at large.”

Andress says the pandemic has created strange times and different behaviours, such as masking, staying apart.

“With the pandemic, it is important to go out of our way to be kind, even more so than ever before. It is also important for people to find something that is fun and relaxing. Together we will make it through this.

“I know it is hard to share a smile wearing a mask, so I hope in my own small way, I have made someone feel better and look forward to the future with a positive outlook.”

The response to her artwork has been positive with some pieces now available for sale at Remedy’s RX, Rebound Therapeutic Services, and Dr. Laurenti’s Chiropractic office.

As for the rocks, keep looking … you might be lucky and find one!



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