Espanola PUC wants to hear from you

Electricity rates are a priority for residents and businesses alike and to that end, Espanola PUC has developed a survey for public input.

Katie Elliot, the utility’s corporate communications manager says Espanola Regional Hydro is undertaking its Cost of Service application with the Ontario Energy Board.

She says it is a priority since the application, which usually takes place every five years, determines what each local distribution company can charge for its distribution rate.

She says Espanola has not gone through the process since 2012.

Elliot adds the survey is part of the application, so hearing from the public is important since it will be shared with the OEB.

She adds anyone can take part in the survey in providing feedback on a proposed rate increase.


The survey is available on the ERH’s website

For more information on this survey, customers are encouraged to contact ERH at 705-869-2771.



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