Better Voters Produce Better Leaders — “The Ballot Box Test.”

In the recent US election, 74 million citizens voted for a racist, pathological liar who still has most of them convinced that a perfectly good election has been fraudulently stolen by the Democrats. In Canada’s fall election of 2019, more than 6 million citizens voted for a trash-talking lightweight who once cheated to obtain his real estate license. Their leader led a coup d’etat that left five Americans dead while our leader was frog marched out the door by his own party members who were only dying of embarrassment. Their leader might yet re-take the White House with his ‘big lie’ while our ex-leader can’t legally list your house for sale.
My point is that from a crack-smoking mayor of Toronto to a premier of Ontario who should have been put on trial for that ‘gas plant scandal’ — Canadians are not real good at voting.
There is no shortage of bad ideas on how to get more people to the polls, including fining them for not showing up or just flat out paying them to vote.
Although getting more people to the polls, particularly the young, is an excellent idea, what we need most of all is an electorate of better voters. A constituency that’s well informed and highly aware of policies and facts can’t help but produce better leadership at the top. Hence, the ‘Ballot Box Test.’
It’s simple — you arrive at your polling station and before you vote, you take a brief, Canadian political awareness test. Fail and you get a free coffee. Pass and you get the two sacred tools of a democracy in action — a stubby little pencil and a list of candidates on paper. The test would go something like this…
The Canadian Constitutional Act of 1867 created a) the Ottawa 67s hockey team. b) the Canadian Actors Guild. c) the Canadian constitution.
Traditionally, Canada’s three dominant political parties are a) The Liberal Party of Canada. b) The Conservative Party of Canada. c) That Watchamacallit Third Place Party.
The Green Party of Canada got its name from a) environmental priorities b) Olympic skier Nancy Greene c) the colour of voter envy.
Members of Parliament are a) appointed by the Prime Minister b) knighted by the Queen of England c) elected by Canadian voters based on which candidate they dislike the least.
True or false. Canada’s three-system parliament is composed of the House of Commons, the Senate and the Crown… primarily Season 5 which deals with the death of Princess Diana.
The Prime Minister of Canada is paid an annual salary of $365,200 which does not include a) travel expenses. b) the purchase of job-related items. c) speaking fees for the immediate family.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is best described as a) a devoted environmentalist. b) a proponent of pipelines. c) deeply conflicted.
The Privy Council For Canada represents a) Her Majesty The Queen b) former jobless Cabinet ministers c) outhouses.
The worst disaster in Canadian history was a) the Springhill Mine Disaster of 1891. b) the explosion of the SS Mont-Blanc in Halifax Harbour during WWI. c) the appointment of Governor General Julie Payette in 2017.
The office of Canada’s Governor General a) acts on behalf of the Queen of England but follows the advice of the Canadian prime minister. b) presides over ceremonies like the swearing in of the prime minister and the dissolution of parliament. c) is redundant, expensive and should be abolished.
The Canadian Parliament’s Question Period allows a) the opposition to challenge the party in power in public debate. b) Canadians watching on TV to see what’s on other channels. c) elected members of the House of Commons to act like four-year-olds having sugar fits.
Recent COVID-19 travel restrictions have shown that many provincial members of the legislative belong to which party? a) that Christmas party in St Barts. b) that New Years Eve party in Palm Springs. c) that Boxing Day party in Cabo San Lucas.
CUSMA, the new Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, a) monitors international trade between these three countries. b) promotes the free flow of goods without taxes or tariffs. c) provides daily updates on the number of Canadian jobs going to Mexico.
Canada’s dramatic and unpredictable weather patterns are closely tracked by a) Environment Canada. b) the Meteorological Service of Canada. c) Al Roker. d) a surly little groundhog that has trouble seeing his own shadow.
Most Canadians vacation in the province of a) Quebec. b) British Columbia. c) Florida.
Canada’s national winter sport is a) lacrosse. b) hockey. c) bitching about the weather.
Once the Premier of Saskatchewan, Tommy Douglas is best known as a) the father of health care in Canada. b) the father-in-law of Donald Sutherland. c) the grandfather of Keifer Sutherland. d) all of the above.
True or false. With six Stanley Cup rings on his fingers, Toronto Maple Leaf great Frank Mahovlich ended up an Ottawa Senator. And if you believe this last question to be true, you just passed the test.
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