Biden not wasting time – focuses on pandemic

U-S President-elect Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time preparing for his term, due to start on January 20th.

Today, he’s announcing a 12-member task force, which is to come up with a plan to rein in the exploding number of COVID-19 cases in America.

There were 126-thousand new cases reported yesterday, the fourth day in a row the daily number has exceeded 100-thousand.

There have been close to ten-million coronavirus cases in the U-S since the pandemic began.

Meantime, President Donald Trump still isn’t willing to concede defeat.

Reports say he plans to hold large rallies across the country, where he’ll push his claim that the election was stolen from him through illegal voting.

He’s not presented any evidence to back his claim.

His legal teams continue court actions in several states, alleging voter fraud and suppression…..but, so far, they haven’t presented any proof.

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