BUSINESSES SET TO SHARE CONCERNS WITH PROTESTS … Four businesses concerns are to be presented to the Espanola council

By Rosalind Russell-

Four downtown businesses will have the Espanola council listen to their concerns about Freedom Party protests that have taken place in the core for the last four months or so.

Brenda LaFrance, the proprietor of Luv You to the Moon, says she will present those concerns on their behalf as part of the council meeting next Tuesday.

She adds the biggest concerns are the honking of horns and yelling, as well as some interference with owners and customers.

She adds the local bylaw officer who has been made aware of the concerns will also be sitting in on the Zoom meeting, which is available to the public.

GO TO, click on council meetings, and then click on the date of the meeting slated for 7 pm June 28th, 2022.

Photo of Brenda Lafrance by Rosalind Russell

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