Cambrian College partners with mining manufacturer

Canada’s largest manufacturer of underground mining vehicles is partnering with Cambrian College to support skills and technology development.

Stella Holloway of MacLean Research and Training Facility in Sudbury says it is set to host the practical component of Cambrian’s Industrial Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance Course.

She says Cambrian’s curriculum, developed in part with MacLean technical input, is designed for Heavy Duty technicians currently working in the mining sector.

The Cambrian-MacLean strategic skills and technology partnership will focus both on the training of heavy-duty mechanics to support battery electric vehicle (BEV) fleets, as well as supporting the development of the next generation of mechatronics workers in the mining industry by providing Cambrian students with the opportunity to work directly with the MacLean Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) team based out of the company’s Research and Training Facility, explains Hollaway.

“Practical training for BEV mechanics and applied research opportunities for the next generation of mechatronics professionals to facilitate the adoption of on-vehicle technology – these are concrete examples of MacLean leveraging its test decline in Greater Sudbury to make a difference in the industry.

“This is a chance for us to walk the talk when it comes to ramping up our research and training facility to actively support long-term, positive change in mining and I’m thrilled that we’re doing this in partnership with Cambrian.”

“Successful innovation depends on great collaboration, and I think this partnership with MacLean is a perfect example,” adds Stephen Gravel, Manager of Cambrian’s Centre for Smart Mining. “No single educational institution or company can drive change entirely on its own, but rather it’s a spirit of cooperation that will help us drive innovation in mining of the 21st century and that’s why I’m confident we’ll succeed.”

PHOTOS: MacLean BT3-BEV Boom Truck, emerging from a mine portal in Ontario. Workers in the test mine learning about the new research and how it can be applied to their various operations. Photos provided by MacLean Research and Training Facility.

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