Carcass of buck left on Espanola snowmobile trail

By Rosalind Russell – The removal of the carcass of a deer from an Espanola snowmobile trail is expected to be done soon.

Manitoulin OPP Constable John Hill says the buck was hit by a vehicle on Highway Six near Espanola on Monday morning, was then claimed by a passing motorist and the local Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry office was also notified.

He says when the report about a dead buck carcass being found on the OFSC TOP D Trail along Panache Lake Road came in, police contacted the individual who had claimed the deer and confirmed it was the same animal.

He says the person determined the meat could not be used but removed the antlers and feet for trophies leaving the carcass behind.

Hill adds when contacted by police, the individual agreed that it was not an appropriate place to leave the carcass for scavengers.

Photo: Manitoulin OPP

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