Concerned parties ask the public to leave park area in its natural state

By Rosalind Russell-

A Manitoulin Island municipality, provincial ministry and local association are drawing together to come up with a policy to protect Kagawong’s Bridal Veil Falls.

One of the most popular tourist spots on Manitoulin Island, tourists and residents can swim the falls and the shallows below, but recent alterations to the river bed have the parties worried.

The Township of Billings, Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association and Ministry of Natural Resources officials will be meeting soon to look at ways to provide education to visitors of the Bridal Veil Falls on why leaving the river in its natural state is paramount. 

Township Mayor Ian Anderson says the concerns were raised after visitors erected a rock barrier structure, which could interfere with spawning salmon and crayfish.

He says the structure has been removed, but it is important signage and other educational sources be out in place so the public understands the area should not be altered and remain in its natural state.

The meeting will be held soon since the salmon spawning season is about to begin.

Photo: The popular tourist spot, Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong should always be in its natural state. There is concern about visitors changing the river bed in the shallows below the falls that could affect spawning for salmon and crayfish. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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