Construction progressing Highway Six

By Rosalind Russell-

Driving to Manitoulin Island is a lot safer and more pleasurable for motorists now that most of the resurfacing of the only highway to the Island is largely complete.

The Ministry of Transportation and its contractor is well ahead of schedule thanks to the excellent weather since early spring.

Most of the resurfacing is complete with shoulder work, culverts, passing lane and guide rail installations nearly complete as well.

There is a few kilometres in the Birch Island area still needs resurfacing with plans for a new intersection being constructed in the community.

The Ministry has allocated $10-million dollars for the rehabilitation of some 16 kilometres along the byway. 

Photo: Highway Six through Birch Island still has to be resurfaced and a new intersection added as part of a major $10-million retrofit of some 16 kilometres of the byway. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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