Deadline today for North Shore mayor facing sanctions

Leslie Gamble, the Mayor of Sables-Spanish Rivers has been given a deadline to respond to sanctions imposed by council.
In November, Gamble had been sanctioned by integrity commissioner Robert Swayze, for breaching the Code of Conduct.
Swayze imposed a 90-day no-pay sanction, but council went a step further when they learned Gamble had entered the township office and threatened employees.
The OPP had investigated but did not lay any charges.
Council demanded he resign his seat and removed him immediately from all council-appointed committees and boards.
Gamble apologized at the next meeting, but Deputy Mayor Glenda Massicotte says council does not believe it was sincere and if he refuses to resign, he has to meet certain stipulations such as not being allowed on township property except for council meetings and not to have contact with township staff.
Massicotte says today is the final day for Gamble to respond to those sanctions.
Gamble says he has sought legal advice.

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