Decision reached on conflict-of-interest case against Councillor Pearce

A Superior Court judge has rendered a decision in the conflict-of-interest case against Elliot Lake Councillor Ed Pearce.

The suit was filed by the city’s Integrity Commissioner at the time E4M Inc. alleging a breach in the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.
The cases surrounded Pearce’s participation in two votes involving ELNOS, a non-profit community organization, in the spring and summer of 2019.

Pearce sits on the ELNOS board as an independent member, not an appointee from Council.

The judge found him in breach of two sections of the Conflict-of-Interest Act but that a reprimand by the court was deemed adequate punishment.

The commissioner chose to pursue the court case against Councillor Pearce and the court hearing was held in early December 2020.

Pearce says although the judge found that he was in breach, he also found that the actions he took were in good faith and he did not gain anything from them either monetarily or otherwise.

Pearce adds the case put an incredible strain on him and his family and he just wants to put it behind me since there is still a lot of work that council must get done.

Another case was commenced by the same commissioner against Councillor Chris Patrie  but for different circumstances.
That case has not yet reached a final court hearing.

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