École catholique La Renaissance hoping for plenty of big ones

By Rosalind Russell – Over the last few years, Ecole catholique La Renaissance in Espanola has taken part in a fish egg planting program, not only to learn the science behind it all, but also to replenish local area waterways.

The students received 5,000 trout eggs this week from Roland Frappier, a local expert.

For some 40 years, Frappier has developed his expertise and shared his experience in community fish farming of walleye and trout, among others, with others in the Greater Sudbury area.

Under the supervision of their teacher, students will now watch the fish eggs hatch and grow into fry, then fingerlings with them being released in late Spring.

The farming and releasing of fish also provide students with the opportunity to contribute to Ontario’s ecosystems while also gaining an understanding of the importance of taking care of the environment.

Photo: Ecole catholique La Renaissance in Espanola has undertaken another semester of growing fish eggs to fingerlings for release in local waters. Local fish expert, Roland Frappier, brought 5,000 trout eggs to the school this week for students to learn the science of fish farming and the importance of taking care of the environment. Students will take care of the fish eggs, watch them hatch, eventually grow into fry and release them as fingerlings late this Spring. Photos provided by Ecole catholique La Renaissance.


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