Elliot Lake council declares mayor’s chair vacant

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake council held a special closed session with the city’s legal council last night to discuss the removal of Chris Patrie as Mayor of the city.

City CAO Dan Gagnon says a motion was passed following the closed session declaring the office to be vacant on the advice of their solicitor.

Gagnon says the motion falls under Section 262 – 1 of the Municipal Act states if the office of a member of a council becomes vacant under section 259, council shall at its next meeting declare the office to be vacant.

He says council declared the vacancy pursuant to the decision of Justice Annalisa Rasiah who found Patrie guilty of breaching the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act in a decision released on Monday removing Patrie from office and disqualifying him from being a member of council or any local board for two years.

Patrie says he has sought the advice of a lawyer in dealing with ruling.

Councillor Andrew Wannan will act as interim mayor. 

Photo: The seat of mayor has been declared vacant in the City of Elliot Lake. The vacancy came about following the removal of Chris Patrie as Mayor through a court order issued earlier this week. Patrie is seeking legal counsel for a possible stay and/or appeal. Photo by City of Elliot Lake.

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