Elliot Lake council to move some autism sensory play equipment to Spine Beach

By Rosalind Russell-

Elliot Lake council is hoping the public will be satisfied with moving some autism sensory play equipment from the Westview Park to Spine Beach.

Public Works Director Darryl Halloch says the equipment was installed in 2018, but some of it produced sounds that were distracting to nearby residents.

Council decided to move the two pieces of equipment to the Fire Tower area, and public outcry followed.

He says the Public Service Committee is recommending it be relocated to Spine Beach instead for several reasons.

Halloch adds after investigation, staff realized that Spine Beach is a better location because it is buffered by trees and is further away for residents and potential future development.

He adds it is also a better fit since it is close to the city’s transit route, is staffed by lifeguards and would be easier to install.

Council agreed adding more equipment could also be installed to ensure that both parks have a full range of equipment available to the public.

The work is to be carried out this summer.

Photo: Spine Beach has many amenities including access for canoeing, sand castles and more. Now it will have a mini-park for kids geared to all ages with some equipment geared to those on the autism spectrum. Photo by Ty Demerah – Moose file

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