Emergency department overwhelmed

By Rosalind Russell – The CEO of the Elliot Lake hospital is asking people with mild flu-like symptoms to stay home or risk overwhelming the Emergency Department.

St. Joseph’s General Hospital CEO Jeremy Stevenson would like to remind the public the hospital is working hard to ensure the Emergency Department remains available to those requiring urgent care.

The reminder comes after concerns emergency could be overwhelmed if people with mild flu-like symptoms continue to come in.

He adds if you feel that you require testing for COVID-19 or other flu-like symptoms, and have only mild symptoms, do not go to the emergency, and isolate at home.

He further suggests the public contact Algoma Public Health and/or the Elliot Lake Health Team for more information or alternative care access.

Meanwhile, Stevenson adds the COVID-19 outbreak at the St. Joseph’s Manor has now ended and visitors are now being allowed into the facility.

Photo: The public is asked to self-isolate rather than overwhelm the emergency department at the Elliot Lake hospital. Photo provided by Bruce Beakley and used with permission.

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