Espanola council decides to take no action with protesters

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola council has decided to take no action against protesters who have been taking their message of freedom to Espanola’s downtown.

Several businesses in Espanola’s core had expressed concerns with the level of noise and constant presence back in June, asking for enforcement of the noise bylaw.

Council noted according to the staff report, it is rare for small municipalities to have bylaws that are specifically aimed at protests, adding the OPP is aware and patrols, so no special permit is needed.

The report also noted municipal property has not been interfered with so there is no governing bylaw in that regard either.

In the end, the report states it is not considered in the best interest of the municipality to utilize resources to limit or regulate any of the activities that have taken place to date but town administration will continue to monitor the protests and collaborate with the OPP and should circumstances escalate, there are emergency procedures in place under the town’s Emergency Response Plan. 

Photo: Freedom protests will likely continue in Espanola now that the town has decided it will take no action, but will keep an eye on the situation. Photo taken in April by Rosalind Russell

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