Espanola does not have a snow removal bylaw … for now

A specific section of a new proposed snow removal bylaw for Espanola led to some in-depth discussion by council on Tuesday with most of council not agreeing with it as presented.

The section states that no one can put snow across a road, which was part of the previous bylaw.

However, Councillor Ken Duplessis said that led to problems with the bylaw officer and enforcement last year adding there are citizens who have nowhere else to put snow.

Councillors Ray Dufour and Heather Mallot also expressed concerns acknowledging safety is important but it has to be acknowledged that some citizens have no other option.

No councillor proposed an amendment and when it came to the recorded vote, the motion was defeated leaving the town without a snow removal bylaw … for now.

Councillor Duplessis says they need legislation in place, so a notice of motion to reconsider the bylaw with proposed amendments is expected to be made in time for council’s next meeting in December.

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