Espanola Elks suspend sale of building

By Rosalind Russell – Members of the Espanola Elks voted in favour of suspending the sale of the hall following the outpouring of support over the last six months.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, members agreed to remove the for-sale signs and continue the fundraising process including launching an in-kind campaign asking for labour and materials for renovations, and the launch of a Go Fund Me campaign.

The members voted to put the building up for sale due to finances but with the support of the community over the last six months has been able to re-evaluate the situation and have decided to forge ahead in getting upgrades done and continue to offer their services to the community.

The hall is now available for bookings throughout 2023 and are people also encouraged to join the organization.

Photo: The Espanola Elks are taking their hall off the market. Back in June, the members had voted to sell the building because of the difficulties in meeting financial commitments, but the outpouring of support from the larger community led to them voting on Wednesday night to suspend the sale. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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