Espanola High School students take in a nature reserve

By Rosalind Russell – Some Espanola High School students took in a winter hike to the Heaven’s Gate Nature Preserve as part of their environmental studies.

Earlier this week, the students in the Outdoor Education and the Raven programs bused out to Highway Six and Bay of Islands Drive to take part in an ecological hike.

Heaven’s Gate was acquired in 2021 through the Natural Heritage Conservation Program, part of Canada’s Nature Fund, as well as funding from the Ontario Land Trust Alliance. 

Students learned the trail they explored bridges the gap between the LaCloche Provincial Reserve and Killarney Provincial Park. 

The trip was part of their environmental studies to illustrate the importance of protecting land that has both cultural and ecological ramifications, especially when it comes to climate change.

Trails in Heaven’s Gate can be accessed from multiple points along Highway 6 and Bay of Islands Drive.”…/manitoulin-island…/heaven-s-gate

Photo: Students at Espanola High School bundled up earlier this week to take a field trip to the Heaven’s Gate Nature Preserve. Students from the Outdoor Education Program and the Raven Program bused, then hiked part of the trail system located along Highway Six and the Bay of Islands Drive. Photos provided by Espanola High School

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