Final demolition of Espanola’s original AB Ellis Public School underway

By Rosalind Russell – After serving the Espanola area for over 100 years, the former building housing  A.B. Ellis Public School will be no more by the end of the week.

The Hamilton-based company, Budget Demolition Incorporated moved on-site in early December erecting a fence and removing recyclables from the building and began the tear-down of the structure late yesterday afternoon.

The original building was constructed and opened in 1919 with four major additions, but to cut costs, the Rainbow District School Board moved its students into the vacant spaces available at Espanola High School.

The Ministry of Education set aside $2.7 million dollar to the board to cover the costs and create a parking lot with some green space.

Photos – AB Ellis Public School’s original building is in the process of being torn down. Originally built in 1919, the teardown is expected to be completed within the next week to make way for a parking lot with some green space. Photos and video by Rosalind Russell

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