Friends of Mindemoya Old School shocked at reversed decision

The volunteer group that is planning to repurpose the Mindemoya Old School has been denied their request to have an extension to their business plan.

Vice President, Lynn Quesnel says after the Central Manitoulin Property Committee meeting on May 12th, the group felt confident that they had received a reasonable extension to complete their business plan to repurpose the Mindemoya Old School.

However, she says 48 hours later at the regular council meeting, the request was denied with council members stating, “it was too early to request an extension”.

Quesnel says it has been difficult to do the assessment of the building because there has been no access due to COVID-19.

She stresses they simply want a short extension to finalize the plan.

Quesnel says they are now working on a business plan, doing a building inspection, and then going back to council to discuss the matter further.

She adds the committee is also seeking charity status and memberships.

With no extension, the group has only until July 16th to present its final plan to council.

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