Go Fund Me set up to build New Wiikwemkoong Nursing Home

Citizens in Wiikwemkoong are not waiting to begin the fundraising process for a new nursing home in the unceded territory on Manitoulin Island.

Earlier this week, The Mooser reported the community had been turned down for funding for new nursing home and there is a growing concern since the present facility will no longer meet government standards in five years or so.

Now a group led by concerned citizens including Cheryl Osawabine – Peltier has come together to begin fundraising.

She says due to COVID-19, their options are limited, for now, so they have started a Go Fund Me to raise $18-million for a new facility.

She says the online fundraiser is a good start for what looks like a long campaign at the grassroots level.

For the link, visit our websites.

WEB: https://ca.gofundme.com/f/4x2kx-new-nursing-home


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