Grade 8 students encouraged to look towards high school and beyond

By Rosalind Russell – Grade 8 students are enjoying their final year as intermediate students with the Algoma District School Board and as part of their final year in elementary school, the board hosted an all-day event to help them plan for their high school years and beyond.

Earlier this week around 800 Grade 8 students took part in the Building My Future seminars to help them make decisions about the courses they will take in high school to steer them towards their possible career choices.

The board also invited The Beanstalk Project, a company that helps students build their paths to careers to engage the students in a series of interactive activities.

The students will also be using myBlueprint, an online tool, to make their decisions about their education and career planning.

Students were also treated to a presentation this week from Joel Hilchey, an interactive speaker and author on themes around leadership and success, and Brandon Love, a motivational speaker, coach and author.

Following this motivational presentation, students moved on to participate in interactive sessions, including topics around pathway planning, course selection and special programming offered in high school.

The Building My Future event is one part of an overall plan to support Grade 8 students as they move into high school and begin to think about and develop their unique pathway to their future career.

Photos: Members of The Beanstalk Project warmed up the group of Grade 8 students with card and magic tricks and provided an engaging keynote message. Later, students moved on to breakout sessions, one of which was a team activity that had students designing and building their own cardboard castle.  Other sessions, led by ADSB’s Pathways Team, had students participating in interactive sessions on topics such as pathway planning, course selection and special programming offered in high school.  Several high school students volunteered at the Building Your Future event. Photos provided by ADSB and used with permissions.

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