Inauguration Day in the U.S.A.

It’s inauguration day in the United States, as Joe Biden officially assumes the presidency as of 12 noon.

More than 25-thousand National Guard troops have joined thousands of police officers protecting Washington, D-C after the storming of the Capitol Building by Trump supporters two weeks ago.

President Trump won’t be at the inauguration, the first president to miss a hand-over in more than 150 years.

Instead, he’s heading to his resort in Florida.

Outgoing Vice-President Mike Pence will be at the inauguration and won’t be attending Trump’s official departure ceremony.

Shortly after he takes over as President, Joe Biden is expected to issue a series of executive orders, aimed at reversing or mitigating what the new administration sees as the worst of Donald Trump’s policy decisions.

One of those orders is expected to cancel the controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to the American Gulf Coast.

Prime Minister Trudeau says he’ll continue to press Canada’s case for the pipeline but isn’t offering any new approach that might change Biden’s mind.

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