Indigenous murals to be showcased at AB Ellis Public School

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola Indigenous artist, Michael ‘CY” Cywink says new murals at AB Ellis Public School in Espanola are now complete.

Cywink says he worked with the theme “The Values in Life”, highlighting values such as respect, truth, and humility.

He says he and his apprentice Gerry Ranger gave out 47 Certificates of Appreciation to the students from Grade Three to Grade Eight who did excellent work on the murals. 

Cywink adds the murals, four feet by four feet square in size will be framed and mounted at the entrance of AB Ellis in the near future.  

Photo: Michael ‘CY” Cywink an Indigenous artist from Espanola says the students at AB Ellis Public School have done a great job completing a series of murals for the school entranceway. Cywink says the theme was based on Grandfather Teachings focusing on the values in life, such as truth, respect and humility. Photos provided by Michael Cywink.

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