Indoor Soccer


By Grant Lewis – What happens when you move one of the most popular games played outside…inside? Just as much fun, lots of activity, parent involvement…and more. Just ask the eighty odd kids involved in indoor soccer in Espanola. Games are played Friday evenings in the new Sacred Heart/Ecole Renaissance gym starting with 7 to 10 year olds followed by 10 to 13 and finally over 18 year olds. Rules are much the same except the nets are smaller and the ball is  a little heavier. The refs are all volunteers.  The use of the walls makes it far more interesting with no throw ins. Many thanks to Paul Kallioinen and his team of volunteer coaches and refs.  The Espanola Lions is pleased to support this great activity for our young people.  Dave Bousquet gladly presents a cheque for $1,000 to help kids stay active and involved during the winter months. 


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