Laurentian University hands out pink slips and cuts programming

Laurentian University is laying off over 80 faculty members, numerous staff, and cutting 69 programs.

The university handed out the pink slips yesterday and it did not take long for reaction from various labour and education forums.

The Ontario Federation of Labour and Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations are calling for the provincial government to step in and demanding the resignation of Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano.

The move came about as part of the insolvency process with the university putting in place a restructuring plan as part of that process.

Today, members are voting to ratify the new contract after the university senate voted on the restructuring package.

The insolvency process stipulates that the protection period ends at the end of April with the confidential details being released to the public.

In February, the university announced it had filed for creditors’ protection, saying it would be unable to meet its payroll by the end of the month after its lines of credit were suspended.

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