League suspended from access to Espanola Recreation Centre

An Espanola hockey league that has lost its ice privileges at the local recreation centre has to put together a plan for enforcing safety protocols after a beer bottle was found.

Espanola Sportsman League president James Gray admits a beer cap and bottle were found in a garbage can following league play, so the league has been suspended for the time being.

He admits the items should have not been there but feels suspending the league’s ice privileges until the end of the year was excessive.

However, Espanola Mayor Jill Beer and CAO Cynthia Townsend both state the regulations clearly state what is acceptable behaviour and illegal liquor could result in a loss of the town’s liquor licence.

The resumption of ice privileges will be reconsidered in the New Year, but the league must provide a plan to enforce safety protocols and procedures in the dressing rooms.

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