Lions Cheque presentation

Photo by Grant Lewis….in the photo Lion President Dennis Shepitka  and 1st Vice Elly Charette present the cheque to Susan Clark and Sari Huntala

By Grant Lewis – Ask ten people what is a “healthy lifestyle”, and you will probably get ten different answers! There is a group in town who are working on an answer for them. It involves a healthy diet, preparation of a healthy diet, a commitment to exercise, and equally important a monitoring of personal health data. 

A healthy diet for this group of eight people, means a plant based one. A plant based diet has shown significant health improvements, higher energy levels, and sensible weight loss. 

Cooking classes are provided by Sari Huntala at The Laughing Forest in Spanish. She is the creator and editor of “Alive and Fit” magazine. 

Participants must commit to an exercise program provided by Renee Desjardins, R.N., a certified personal trainer with older adults certification as well as Yoga, level 3. Combined with the daily walking programme at E.H.S. FROM 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., the group is indeed active. 

Glucose levels are closely monitored using special strips and a machine during this pilot project. Susan Clark, a registered nurse , leads  the Diabetes Education and Care Program out of the Family Health Team at the local hospital. 

The Espanola Lions is pleased to help fund this program and recently presented Susan and Sari a cheque for $2,000. This group is keen and enthusiastic, and it is our hope that once this pilot program is completed, the program will expand. 

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