Manhunt continues for Sanderson

By Rosalind Russell-

The federal government is promising to review a Parole Board decision to release one of the two men
suspected of involvement in Sunday’s stabbing spree in Saskatchewan that left ten people dead and 18 others wounded.
The board ruled in February that releasing Myles Sanderson did not present an “undue risk.”
Sanderson and his brother, Damien, are accused of going door to door on the James Smith Cree Nation, northeast of Saskatoon, and stabbing whoever answered.
He’s still on the loose, and thought to be wounded.
The last sighting was Sunday in Regina.
Damien was found dead on the First Nation and police say his wounds were not self-inflicted.

Photo: The RCMP is searching for Myles Sanderson (on the right). His brother, Damien (left) has been found dead. Police say Myles is six feet and one inch tall, about 240 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Photo provided by the RCMP and used with permissions.

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