Manitoulin Health Centre implements the One Health Information Technology Service 

By Rosalind Russell – All hospital related patient information will now be integrated into one system, linking the two hospitals, overseen by the Manitoulin Health Centre, one in Little Current, the other in Mindemoya, with 23 other Northeastern Ontario hospitals. 

Clinical Transformation Manager, James Watson, says the 23 hospital sites have created a single electronic health information system to improve the delivery of safe, evidence-based patient-centered care. 

He adds the network called ONE Health Information Technology Service, will create a single health information session, delivering quality care, as well as support safety improvements in patient care by linking healthcare professionals with up-to-date patient information. 

Watson adds the system will be used at both acute and outpatient settings on the Island.

Officials say all ONE member hospitals have worked together throughout the project to standardize more than 450 order sets, nursing and physician documentation templates, drug administration times, medical directives, and dictionaries. They add good governance practices were key to ensuring all hospitals were represented at the planning and decision-making tables, regardless of size. While the goal is to establish a system that standardizes care across all entities, flexibility is still necessary to meet the needs of different facility sizes and settings ranging from 20-500 beds. 

Photo: The Manitoulin Health Centre, which oversees two hospital sites on Manitoulin Island, is one of 23 hospitals in Northeastern Ontario that has created a single electronic health information system to improve care. Photo – CDC –

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