Massey Free Food Giveaway set to go

The Massey Agricultural Society is set for its second Free Food Giveaway.

Society spokesperson Brian Channon says several people have come forward to volunteer to help with the distribution.

He says they are expected at least two transports, possibly three, to bring in literally thousands of pounds of food for free distribution to the public.

He says they have learned a bit about streamlining the process following the success of the last giveaway held at the fairgrounds where 85,000 pounds of food was distributed to over 400 families across the North Shore corridor.

Anyone wanting to volunteer is asked to arrive around 8:30 pm tomorrow morning at the fairgrounds.

For pickup, people must stay in their vehicles and be wearing a mask following COVID-19 protocols.

The gates will open for the drive-thru at 10:30 am at the Imperial Street North location.

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