NDP calling for Romano to step down

The NDP are calling for the resignation of Colleges and Universities Minister Ross Romano following the news that over 100 jobs have been cut and some 60 courses cancelled at Laurentian University.

Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas and Sudbury MPP Jamie West were joined by associate professor of science Nadia Verralli and a student during a Zoom meeting yesterday afternoon calling out Romano’s lack of response in dealing with the latest announcement and the handling of the university’s financial dilemma.

Verralli, who has taught at the university since 2014 says she is still in shock and devastated to learn she is done as of April 30th.

She says there is no severance so she not only loses her job, he benefits, her friends and community connections, but also her home and overall her sense of belonging and self-worth.

She says the cut is devastating and will have wide-reach repercussions.

The call for Romano to step down is also coming from the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.

Romano has not made any public statements in response since the cuts were announced on Monday.

Still with the story, Laurentian University’s Board of Govenors and its two largest labour partners have ratified terms of an agreement which include a new five-year term of the Collective Agreement with the school’s faculty association.

The university states the contract expires in 2025 and includes amendments to the existing collective agreement with the Laurentian University Staff Union which has three years remaining.

Significant one-time and ongoing cost savings had been requested from both partners to support the University being able to emerge as a restructured and financially viable institution.

Salary and benefit reductions are being implemented for all employees, including non-union, administration, management, and designated executives including the President  & Vice-Chancellor.

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