Needle disposal program implemented in SSRT

As an option in coping with the opioid crisis, the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers has placed a needle disposal box in a highly visible location.

Township CAO Kim Sloss says Public Health Sudbury & Districts provided the municipality with a sharps kiosk for public use.

Councillor Kevin Burke says the box must be located on public property, so it has been placed in front of the Webbwood Public Library.

He adds they appreciate the health agency purchasing the one box and if the program proves successful, township council will consider buying another one for Massey.

He says the township is also responsible for paying for the safe disposal of the contents.

In a public statement on Facebook, Deputy Mayor Glenda Massicotte shared her thoughts about the program; This is a wonderful and necessary receptacle. It is in an easily accessible place for people to dispose of all kinds of needles and sharps including insulin needles, lancets for blood glucose checking and more. It is also great as there were many complaints of needles laying around and no where to dispose of them. This receptacle is emptied by a certified company that has been acquired by working with the Township and Public Health Sudbury and districts. I feel that this a proactive step to keep our communities safe. I wish we had one in each community in our township. Council chose Webbwood as the first to receive this valuable and safe receptacle. I’m happy this is here. The stigma of needle use is not why this has been placed there.

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